Our Team


founder and principal of R&E, seeks opportunities to engage the ever-changing complexities of the INTERIORS while embracing architecture as a catalyst of change.

The methodologies of material exploration and formal inflection, derived from the looseness of abstract art, have played a significant role across all media and are a critical driver of his architecture.

His approach to creative and strategic solutions speaks of simplicity and modernism, whilst displaying beauty and craft



She graduated from CSIIT, With a degree in  Architecture and specialization in interiors. An imaginative, creative and hardworking individual, she is driven by her vision of creating better spaces for people to live and grow. By constantly exploring places to discover new textures, materials, and use of colour, she makes sure that every day is a learning journey.

Harika, strives to solve problems with creativity and she believes that there is always a solution. She has a great interest in improving the current environment and dedication to implement better projects by her own hands.