A solution for the total architectural structures, A complete package for the interiors and for the decor.


Our ambition is to transform an otherwise ordinary space into an extraordinary environment through innovation, intuition and intelligent integration.

To create cohesive flawless interiors, R&E designs and commissions bespoke joinery, furniture and lighting. This enables us to tailor each piece to complement and enhance the space and play with the proportions of the rooms. We stay in tune with pioneering technology and avant-garde joinery techniques and seamlessly integrate these into our schemes.


The key to great design is to capture the spirit and personality of the client. All design should be visually powerful, elegant and timeless, whether it is classic or contemporary.

The design team at R&E are adept at bringing to fruition the vision of our clients. We are experienced in all forms of design, from large scale and statement projects through to intricate details on sumptuous buildings. Rather than following a distinct style, We ensures that every project we undertake is perfectly tailored to the client’s needs, their personal taste and lifestyle.


Project Management team perform a crucial role in the successful completion of each project. They oversee the entire process from the draft stages of the concept design through construction to installation and on-going maintenance. They coordinate and oversee every element of the project, directing the consultant team and supervising the contractors. Most importantly, the designers ensure that each assignment is completed on time and within budget. Under their direction our clients can remain confident that the finished project will exceed their expectations.


Throughout each project our company collaborate with preeminent manufacturers and expert artisans to design and produce beautiful pieces. While we focus on skilled  craftsmanship, we often source and commission pieces internationally. Our sole aim is to find the leading artisans in any field of expertise. Regardless of the scope or the budget we ensure that each project is outstanding and unique. When commissioning bespoke or custom-made pieces, we completes an exhaustive process of quality control to guarantee perfection and impeccable levels of finish. Before any piece is delivered to the site, members of the team travel to the manufacturers factory or design facilities to view them fully assembled. This diligent approach ensures that each piece is faultless when it arrives at its destination.