About Us

R&E design studio based in Hyderabad, that offers Architecture, Interior Design, Product designing  and Project Management services. Our objective is to create unique and exclusive environments tailored to the individual requirements of our clients, crafted with precision and care, in some of the most desirable, prominent locations in the India and internationally.

As a multidisciplinary studio, featuring highly professional Designers, Architects and Project Managers, we provide a comprehensive, diverse and extensive service that allows us to fulfil our client’s dreams and expectations. The brief may be complicated, demanding and extravagant but we are adept at effortlessly coordinating every element of the project from the original concept blueprints through to completion. By entrusting us with the design of bespoke joinery, furniture and lighting, alongside the selection of colour schemes and materials that are sympathetic to the lifestyle of our clients, we guarantee an unparalleled result.

We work exclusively with the leading contractors, cabinet-makers and artisans around the globe, all carefully selected by the team to visualise and achieve individual, incomparable and unrivalled designs.



The company is built on the belief that great design can only be delivered by people with a deep social and cultural understanding of the communities they are designing for.

R&E is a platform for creative excellence in design enables some of most talented designers to plug into the latest information and delivery systems they need to produce truly world-class design solutions.

The practice’s unique structure, global presence are testament to our desire to deliver design excellence to clients wherever they are in the world.


The way we live our lives has dramatically changed over the years. This is reflected in the lay-out of our homes. Rather than just refinishing and furnishing existing spaces, we consider the modification of the interior flow.

While adhering to technical issues, we often re-configure the usability of the living spaces to meet your current needs. This way, at the heart of each design project sits a current lay-out that is comfortable, safe and useful.

We believe that good design can enable you to live and work more efficiently, comfortably, abundantly, securely and pleasurably in a more aesthetically fulfilling and functional environment.


Keeping personal taste in mind, our interiors are borne of what would appear to be a contemporary fusion of textures and schemes that generate a sophisticated and elegant ambience, radiating positive energy.

At the foundation, a strong concept dictates the path from overall vision to the finishing details. This makes the design process an inspiring experience, focused and fully enjoyable.

And the result: creative homes that are luxurious but livable, well-grounded but never stuffy, easy to maintain, surprising and never go out of fashion.